Southern Kitchen needed a complete overhaul. The new look is more inviting and encourages the viewer to come to the showroom, so that an expert can help them. The custom jquery sliding gallery allows news and events to be posted to the home page, while the main content in the body entices the viewer to find out more information.
The custom-coded slider is built from jquery and html. This makes the information accessible to search engines. There can be many slides placed in each slide area, and a navigation button is automatically generated for each slide. This makes the slider easily changeable.
     The slider is also programmed to automatically play every 6 seconds, giving the viewer plenty of time to read the information. Also, when the viewer mouses over the window, the slider stops counting, so it won't change until the viewer mouses off of it.
The site also features a modal popup form, which is built from ajax and jquery. The viewer can inquire about more information, and they will never leave the page that they are viewing.