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Shirley & Eric's wedding (Part 1)
This is the artwork that I developed for my wedding.
My wife, Shirley and I love Chinese antique, especially the "Blue and White Porcelain". 

Here are some research that I did before starting to create something.
Shirley and I also love to taking pictures with analogue camera, and we meet each other in a gathering of Lomography.

Therefore, I started to create the graphics of film and the signature camera from Lomography, the "LC-A+". 
Film and LC-A+
The following graphics are the options thtat I made and let Shirley to pick one of them.
In order to put text in the graphic, I also made this shield-shape graphic and combine to the circle graphic.
Here is the how the graphic look like.
Here are different font test with Chinese characters.
Shirley and I finally came up with this combination.
To be continue...
Shirley & Eric's wedding (Part 1)

Shirley & Eric's wedding (Part 1)

This is my own project, logo for the wedding of my wife, Shirley and I. In my big day, there are mainly with 2 parts, church ceremony in the afte Read More