Holeshot Beer Bottle Labels
The Holeshot Beer Bottle Labels were created during my senior year of college. The design reflects the culture of the motocross industry by incorporating fine art techniques and bright colors. The rider in the center was hand drawn using a Wacom Bamboo tablet and Adobe Illustrator. The detail was then screened behind the label and altered to match the color of each individual drink label.  The series includes a traditional lager, “Holeshot”, a light version, “2-Stroke” and the full-bodied version, “4-Stroke”.
The names are derived directly from the types of bikes used in motocross. A 2-Stroke engine is significantly lighter than a 4-Stroke engine, which helps create the distinction between the light and full-bodied versions.
The alcohol percentage is placed in the number plate of each label, but also repeated on the side. The description on the side of the bottle is a playful version of the waiver riders have to sign when they enter a public track. It reads, “By drinking and consuming Holeshot beer, you understand that you are giving up any right you may have to sue or make a claim which you might have or which might subsequently arise against or occur against Holeshot beer, over whose delicious contents you enjoy. You understand that with this beverage you must be of age and be held responsible for any and all acts of stupidity on a motor vehicle you choose to control
while under the influence of alcohol. Be responsible. Don’t drink and ride.” The style is rough and rugged to help emphasize the feel of the motocross environment. This is why I chose to hand-draw the rider instead of using a
photograph. I chose the bright colors, yellow, blue and green because they are loud, just like motocross.
All three versions, photographed together as a series
Digital version of the traditional lager label
Digital version of the light version lager label
Digital version of the full-bodied lager label