Lycamobile || 3D Animation

Weaving old narratives for new Lycamobile campaign.

Lycamobile approached Nucco Brain to make a video for their American launch campaign. This video was distributed
worldwide in 40 different languages. This video also introduced Lycamobile’s 4G speed.

The international distribution aspect of this campaign had a direct impact on our production process of the video. First, in
terms of narrative, we chose to adapt a well known story that audiences from different cultures would be familiar with:
the Hare and Tortoise.

Second, in terms of technique, choosing animation enabled us to tell the story visually without the need for extensive
dialogues. Scenes containing voiceover were chosen specifically at the end of the video gave us flexibility with adapting
it into more than 40 languages.  

Following its worldwide distribution, Lycamobile’s communication team responded positively towards the content

“Lycamobile and I are 100% satisfied with their work. We value our relationship with Nucco Brain and we have been
continuously working with them ever since our first project”
- Parthipan Ragunathan (Global Head of Marketing Strategy Planning at Lycamobile Group)

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Director - Stefano Marrone 
Director - Pedro Allevato​​​​​​​
Client - Lycamobile
Studio - Nucco Brain
Producer/Animation Supervisor - Stefano Marrone
Storyboarding - Ryan Lovelock
Concept Artist/Modeller - Vincenzo Lamolinara
Visual Designer - Francesca Tabasso
Lead Modeller/Texture - Pietro Licini
Rigger/TD - Matteo Dogliotti
Layout Artist and Lighting - Roberto Libralato
Effect/Compositing - Octav Chiritescu Crisian
Lead Animator - Pedro Allevato
Animators - Rob Meech, Eduardo Castells Mateo & Lewis Whitman
Graphic Design - Thomas Gutteridge

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