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    Volvo's Fuel Efficiency Campaign for its 2009 Models
More Smiles per Gallon
Volvo's Fuel Efficiency Campaign for its 2009 Models

This two-part effort included display ads that expand in size to demostrate the lengths you can travel in the cars. We worked with Leesa Leva, watercolor artist, to illustrate two images: one that would appear in the smaller unexpanded state, and one that would incorporate the same parts in a larger illustration. The trick was making sure that the larger image could fold into the smaller one, seamlessly.

Play the screen capture videos below to see the full effect. 

Please note that these were 30K Flash banners—NOT expanding rich media ads.
In the second part of this campaign, we decided to demonstrate the realistic fun that can be had on one gallon of fuel in the C30. We shot a time lapse video over the course of 30 miles from Brooklyn to New Jersey as a group of friends got together for a day trip.

We commissioned an original music track for the video and shot it all in one day, run-and-gun style with a skeleton crew.

The video content was hosted with rich media display ads on Volvo's C30 site.
These banners were created to link to a landing page on Volvo's site for it's fuel efficient vehicles:
The approximate route we took for the shoot.