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Huevolution for Philips hue + LIFX + Estimote iBeacons
App Design
"Huevolution for Philips hue, LIFX + Estimote iBeacons."
Besides its’ beautiful minimalistic and plain appearance Huevolution comes with an “Indoor-tracking” system allowing you to “check in” at different places in your living-space. 

You can attach multiple actions to these events and add dependencies, for instance where you were before, how long you’ve been there and much more. 
The search-view helps you to quickly access

• On/off commands
• White tones & colors
• Brightness
• Light-scenes

If you use Hue Server on OS X you can also trigger

• iTunes Playlists
• AppleScripts
• Automator actions
• OSC commands
Huevolution supports english speech-recognition.
Unlike cloud based speech-engines
Huevolution uses a local processing only.
100% NSA-free.
Nothing you say will be be
sent around the globe.

Touch the speech icon above the search-view to open the speech-recognition.
Huevolution understands all the commands from the search-view that are human readable.

Create your own speech-commands by naming your
light-scenes, AppleScripts and Automator actions.
Once activated Huevolution listens all the time.
Just make a pause of speech to run your command.
Inter-app search
Huevolution supports a custom URL-scheme.
You can use Huevolution together with other apps that support custom URL-schemes.
LIFX or Philips hue - light is light.
Huevolution supports both LIFX and Philips hue lights in the same interface.
You can even copy & paste light-states between different devices!
Simply swipe a light horizontally to change its' brightness.
Quickly turn off a light or group by swiping from right to left.
Scenes can affect particular lights or all of them.

You love that orange but your kids don't?
Simply save a scene excluding the lamps in shared spaces.
Scenes can affect color, brightness & power.
You can also combine these conditions.

The light athomsphere in your space is wonderful. However you feel like another color but you don't want to destroy the subtile differences in your lamps brightness?

Use a scene that only affects the color but not the brightness of the lamps that are on.
Scenes can fade-in between
1 second and 2 hours.

Smoothly fade from state to state:

Users of Hue Server on OS X can also utilize the "pipeline" feature to create
hour-long sequences of actions that will be triggered one after another.
Your scenes on OS X

Huevolution automatically syncs your light-scenes to Hue Server on OS X.
This way you can trigger them via

• AppleScript
• Automator
• Arduino
• Processing & OSC
• OS X Calendar

Falling asleep but iTunes still running?
Fade-out your lights and your music over up to two hours.

At the end your Mac can even fall asleep...
Just like you.
Connecting Huevolution with OS X via Hue Server opens a
wild playground for artists, musicians, engineers, geeks & nerds.
Groups bundle different hardware together in rooms.

• Philips hue
• LIFX bulbs
• Estimote iBeacons

It is recommended to name your groups
after their physical location.

• Bedroom
• Bathroom
• Kitchen
Advanced options

Swipe a group left to unveil the
delete & more option.

Swipe a group right to set it as your current location.
Why iBeacons?

The Estimote iBeacons locate you
inside your living-space.

Launch Huevolution and automatically see the lights around you.
You'll love this feature if you have multiple rooms.

Beacon actions

Besides the auto-group selection you can use the Estimote iBeacons as trigger for
all commands Huevolution is capable of.

• On/off commands
• White tones & colors
• Brightness
• Light-scenes

Hue Server (OS X)

• iTunes playlists
• AppleScript
• Automator
• OSC commands
• Speech Output
To trigger an action just come close to a beacon
or launch Huevolution in short distance to one.
Location intelligence

Huevolution analyzes your movements all the time.
This feeds an AI constantly thinking about human behavior.
Working like a human brain but on a much smaller scale Huevolution tries to determine what action to trigger through decision trees and ratings.
This all happens without any further user-interaction than your location-changes thanks to the (optional) Estimote iBeacons. Huevolution even runs in the background, notifying you about when it feels like it’s time for an action.

When you change your physical location
Huevolution relates and evaluates a lot of factors.

Where are you inside your living-space?
Where were you before?
How long have you been there?
Is it dark outside?
Is it a weekday?

It's all about the simple question:

What do you do as a human being?
Waking up
Having a shower
Preparing food
Having breakfast?
Having company?
Actions all result out of location changes.

Think of it as checking-in at a new location like your couch, shower or tea room.
From Bathroom to Bedroom after 11 pm
Going to bed?
From Bedroom to Kitchen on a saturday
Time for some music!

As humans we follow the same basic patterns.
Making the machine learn about this needs is a step towards an interface that is invisible, devices and services merging into one consciousness interacting with you on a subtile and understanding level.
Trigger light scenes, AppleScripts, Automator actions & iTunes playlists
right from your notification-center.
Additionally Huevolution will show you how long you are at your current location.
Huevolution for iOS & Hue Server for OS X
are available in the Apple AppStores.
Huevolution for Philips hue + LIFX + Estimote iBeacons

Huevolution for Philips hue + LIFX + Estimote iBeacons

What’s the next step in home-automation? Get ready for autonomous AI systems evaluating what you might be doing as a human being. "Huevolution fo Read More