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2024 Year of the Wood Dragon

2024 is Year of the Wood Dragon in Chinese culture is a dynamic and powerful period marked by the fusion of the Wood element's vitality with the mythical energy of the Dragon. Wood Dragons are believed to embody strength, adaptability, and a profound sense of justice. Individuals born during this auspicious year are thought to possess a charismatic and ambitious nature, driven by a desire to bring positive change to their surroundings.
Wood, as an element, is associated with growth, flexibility, and resilience. When paired with the Dragon's symbolic characteristics of courage, passion, and leadership, it creates a formidable combination. Those born under this sign are often seen as innovative thinkers, capable of navigating challenges with grace and determination.
In Chinese astrology, the Year of the Wood Dragon is considered particularly auspicious, heralding a time of opportunity and transformation. It is believed to be a period conducive to personal and professional growth, where individuals can harness their creative energies to achieve ambitious goals.
People born during this year are often seen as trailblazers, unafraid to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact on the world. Their charismatic and magnetic personalities draw others towards them, making them natural leaders in various aspects of life.
The Wood Dragon's influence is not only felt on an individual level but also extends to societal and global dynamics, fostering a climate of innovation, progress, and positive change. As the dragon soars through the woodlands, its presence is seen as a harbinger of vitality and transformation, promising a year of excitement, adventure, and accomplishment for those born under its influence.

Color Pallete
Characters Breakdown
Lettering by: Christine Sutanto
The lettering is inspired by the majestic soaring dragons in the vast sky. 'Dragon' as the main word, made in a gracefully curved grid that holds bold letters, reflecting the grandeur of mythical creatures like dragons. Details are added to evoke the mesmerizing dance of dragons against the open sky.
While the humble yet mighty word 'soar', is represented by a sweeping, elongated swoosh that wraps around the letters. This element mimics the fluid and enchanting movements of a dragon's body.
In the overall design, the heartfelt greeting, 'May You Soar Like The Dragon,' goes beyond words. It's a sincere wish for you to conquer every aspect of your life, facing challenges with the majestic prowess of a dragon. Find joy in your journey and emerge victorious in your pursuits.

Main Artwork
The idea of the Artwork is the Chinese Dragon wrapped the Penzai. Because this a Year of Dragon, I adding a Dragon Character and Penzai. Penzai is the ancient Chinese art of planting trees or plants that are kept dwarf in size by pruning to produce shapes that meet aesthetic criteria and create the illusion of the plant's age. And I adding the Penzai to represent the wood element on this artwork. ​​​​​​​

Lower Text Detailed Animation
The Tittle of this Artwork using a Doltish Retro Font. the style is serif and have retro vintage vibes, that fits on this theme. Also, I adding some element like chinese ornament and banner for 2024 text under the big text.  
The Emoticon of the Dragon Head. including the Yes and No expressions. I using fake 3d style of animation.
Doltish Retro Font
Is Our retro serif font is a nostalgic homage to the timeless elegance and sophistication of the 30s to 60s era. Evoking the classic charm of mid-century design, this serif typeface effortlessly captures the essence of vintage aesthetics, making it the perfect choice to transport your projects back to a bygone era.
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This Font is Including Uppercase, Lowercase and Numbers
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2024 Year of the Wood Dragon