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Argentina Kit WWC23 // Adidas


To commemorate the 2023 Women's World Cup, Adidas has unveiled the jerseys of the federations it sponsors, drawing inspiration from the rich natural diversity of each represented nation.
In the case of Argentina, the primary focus is on the eco-diversity that spans the entire country, from its southernmost point in Tierra del Fuego to its northernmost tip in Jujuy. 

This journey traverses a variety of landscapes and colors, from the deep blue of the Patagonian lakes and glaciers to the warm orange and amber tones in the north, including the breathtaking canyons. Thus, the country and football come together through their colors and their connection with nature.

The design was crafted purely from the colors and graphics offered by the Argentinean nature for this project.
The cool tones represent the south and its glaciers, while warmer colors depict the aridity and myriad hues of the northern regions.

To create the final graphic, we employed the layering technique of images to overlay various landscapes across the expanse of this jersey, effectively capturing the essence of the country on the playing fabric.

Gameday Product Design (Narrative and Graphics):
Sergio Mareco JR
Luis Callegari

Product Manager:
Andrew Dolan
Mateo Kossmann

Jurgen Rank
Christian Binger
Inigo Turner

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Argentina Kit WWC23 // Adidas

Argentina Kit WWC23 // Adidas

Graphic design for Argentina Women's National Team jersey for the 2023 FIFA World Cup.