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    Board Game Concept
Board Game - Concept
This project was done at the NGO, Katha in New Delhi, 2010.

I was assigned to design a board game for the kids living in Delhi slums. It was part of a big project - the English kit. This kit was meant for kids in Delhi slums to teach them basic English words which would help them survive in the public places like hospitals, railway stations etc. The game would teach them, those English words which are used around the medical world. I worked with a team of editors and teachers for the development of this board game.
concept one:
It’s a hospital board game, where the players will move forward with the help of dice in the hospital, and to stay there they have to do the tasks. ie. draw a doctor, draw a stethoscope, take a medicine card (where the expiry dates and other details will be written which will determine whether the player is going to stay or not).

sketch 1: Developed by Rachel (volunteer, editor intern, katha)

It is a board game based on monopoly. In this game the player will move in the environment, eat, touch, get bitten by insects, take vaccines, have more immunity system and have grandmother to tell nuskhas (remedies) and most importantly the viruses.
The player will keep collecting virus card as they move in the space/ environment. eating good fruits and vegetable will deduvct some virus where bad vegetables and insects will increase some. Once you have a particular no of viruses you will have to go to the hospital and complete the task in hospital game.
In the hospital the player will have to face the pathology tests and x-rays and come out of it at the same point where they got sick.