Finding the Right Analogy.
The goal here to show show the difference between two abstract processes: recruiting the old way and the new (automated) way.
When we want to explain something abstract, something that most of us don't experience in our daily lives, we use an analogy. What is a good analogy for something that takes a long time and something that is fast and easy to do?
We thought os a building where you can choose between taking the stairs or taking the elevator. Everyone has experienced the ease and speed of going up in an elevator compared to climbing the stairs.
Slow Way vs Fast Way
Finding connections
The next step after choosing the analogy is building it and finding connections to what you want to show. Here we make every floor of the building stand for different stages in the process.
finding the right perspective
Inventing characters
Characters let us relate to the situation they are in. Here the problems characters experience tell us their story.
Supporting characters
To understand what is going on with the main characters we need to add a few supporting characters. This was we can see their relationship and how they are solving their challenges.
Typography. Text. And Details.
Now filling out the details, to make things look real, we will add papers on the desk, clothes, etc. In the text field we'll write a short story.

 The Setting and the Background
Now that the main action is in place we want to show the background- where is all this happening. Here we have a building, which usually happens in a city. But we can't make the setting too busy and distract the reader, so we make a silhouette city.
That's it.
How Recruiting Works Traditional vs Automated