Redot | Puma Future 7

3D Motion
After Effects

Puma Future 7
Commercial ~ Motion & 3D Campaign

One dedicated to playmakers and creators.
One that removes constraints and enables speed and agility through exceptional comfort.
A highly crafted mixed media campaign that will embody the spirit,
technical advancement, and exceptional fit of Puma's new football cleats.


Fast-paced and highly technical, the film captures the essence of perfect fit, control, agility, and comfort, all based on the highest level of craftsmanship and delight. By mixing techniques and visualizations, we aim to showcase the emergence of a new world of creativity on the pitch.

Breakdown & Process


Client: Puma
Agency: Clutch
Production: Redot Studio
Creative Director: Jameen Tarlier
Executive Producer: Simon Guerot
Art Director: Matthias Vambairgue
Story Artist & Animatic: Hugo Thomas
3D Artists: Giani Giovagnoni // Mehdi Haddar // Gaetan Daubos
Houdini FX: Louis Chasles // Nahele Campbell
Light + Render: Giani Giovagnoni // Mehdi Haddar
Compositing: Redot Studio
Sound Design & Music: Hocine Alliche

Redot | Puma Future 7