Milestones: Memory Capsules
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    This is my graduate school senior thesis project.
Milestones: Memory Capsules"Archiving Life's Stories"
Milestones is an archiving system and experience that lets you organize, edit, save and value your personal data for years to come. Milestones acts as a physical reminder of each special memory or chapter in your life and provides an on-screen viewing experience that results in an emotional and satisfying walk down memory lane with your digital content.

Interacting, documenting and expressing ourselves online or through digital devices produces large amounts of personal data. The problem with having an abundance of personal data is that they are easily buried or forgotten beneath layers upon layers of newer files, which makes it difficult to relocate. As technology progresses, if not organized, labeled, or made recognizable as valuable content, these assets can be lost in digital migration. Milestones does not solve the issue of permanence or standardizing technology, but does make steps toward a habit valuing personal data. It begins the behavior and user experience we could have when dealing with important digital assets for the future.
Milestones contain a solid state flash memory that stores your data. Using NFC (near field communication), upon contact with the dock, data transfer occurs. The dock also contains the Milestones software (interface), and a wifi connection. With a wifi connection your Milestone can be viewed on any wifi capable screen.