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Bitkey approached us to develop a film that could explain the benefits of their self-custody bitcoin wallet with an approach that was naturalistic and focused on humanity. We leaned into this, by developing a photographic art direction and utilizing visual metaphors to make the technical aspects more relatable. 

Bitkey is built by humans, for humans. Self-custody is about putting the financial control back into the individual's hands. We aimed to make a calming and informative film that showcased the features of the product, while always staying grounded in the natural world and daily life. Bitkey is the safe, easy way to own and manage bitcoin. It’s a mobile app, hardware device, and a set of recovery tools, for simple, secure self-custody.

We employed a variety of tools and workflows to push the hyper-realism and tactile qualities of the 3D art direction. The following supercut showcases our process of design and animation development.

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