Ep. 1 Robot (November 2023)
A collaboration work with my mentor and friend Waz_Dex.

Concept: One of us will select the theme, and the other one will first draw artworks. Here, Waz selected the robot theme, and I drew a few artworks related to it. Then I send it to Waz. Then Waz created her own interpretation by looking at my artworks with a Copic markers.

It was a huge opportunity for me, as she is my role model, and she accepted my idea of collaboration even with her busy work schedule.

Currently she is not on Behance, so I'm giving her art account link in this post. 
Do visit her page and check her masterpieces.


Episode 1: Robot (November 2023)

Earth has always been a centric point of our universe. It's having huge amounts of valuable resources and a habitable atmosphere to survive, grow, and excel. So now, all kinds of entities are attacking and fighting to establish their dominance on the earth. Robos are demolishing humans, aliens, creatures, and mammals. Anything that is coming in their way. Their technology is much evolved, and due to this, we might witness a new era on the planet Earth.


Comic book story of earth's invasion by robots and aliens. This is a collaboration work with Waz_dex.