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Honey Venues — Destination Weddings and Venues

Honey Venues
Venues and Destination Weddings 
Honey Venues is a concept destination wedding and venues website. 

Hero Section 
"Feel relaxed on your biggest day" was chosen as the hero because the goal of the project is to make users feel at ease while they're looking for sumptuous venue options in, and out of their budget. The goal was to let them dream as big as they wish. 
Hero Section 
In web design, great hero sections are creating with the intention that your goals and the user goals intersect; "Venues" and "Collaborate" is an extension of the ease Honey Venues can make the process. 

Website Copy 
The copy is written with warmth, intention, and a balance of professionalism/personable. 
The gallery tends to be on the bottom of most websites, but for this project in particular the users are newly engaged couples shopping for a new venue. Newly engaged couples want to see photos and as much of the venue as possible, period. Black and white imagery helps capture the tiny moments and the little details throughout your wedding day that tend to get missed; setting up, getting ready, pre-drinks and laughs, and the after party-party — or even the staff sliding into the mix. It's all a part of your life story now and deserves a spot in the memory bank. 
The project felt like it would be elevated to another level if newly weds had an opportunity to not only go through venues, and destination spots but photographers, videographers, and wedding planners — so, we added it. It also gives event professionals a way to see who they're dealing with ahead of time + start building a community of like-minded pros. 
Hear Through the Grapevine 
A common expression, and a fun way of saying "testimonials." This is a concept project, and there are no testimonials. Feel free to reach out, and offer some feedback! 

Brand Adjectives 
Personable, professional, and empathetic. 
Venue Budget Calculator: 
The calculator is our answer to the "budget-conscious window shopper" and the digital neophiliacs. I don't know about you, but I always wanted to see what my wedding would look like in a castle and with the most pristine décor imaginable. 

First, it shows you the price and then once preferences are set, flips over to the filtered venues and décor. 

This also helps get rid of the awkwardness anyone might have if they wanted to ask certain questions, but didn't. Now, they can. And hopefully in turn, bring wedding planners bigger dreams and opportunities to capitalize on with their creativity. 
Honey Venues — Destination Weddings and Venues


Honey Venues — Destination Weddings and Venues