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Rhythm & Flow Festival

Rhythm & Flow 
The Rhythm & Flow Festival is a concept website UI design, and event idea. The result? A dynamic 3-day event full of the hottest new artists in the game, and comedy kingpins. 

Our mission? To showcase our favorite artists from two genre defining communities, and hopefully give an event organizer a future idea to steal. The approach to the project needed to represent the hip-hip/comedy communities in a way that they felt seen — tonality, visually, and with new artists from both genres. 

Project Inspiration 
European magazine layouts, and Hip-Hop/R&B and Comedy unity. 
POV on the Project 
Every project starts in a similar way. Through a series of exercises in the strategy session, we are able to extract and refine the key pillars of the brand. This defines the event’s personality: how it should look, sound, and act online. User personas → research & discovery → wireframes → development. This strategic approach paints a realistic picture, ensuring we understand and cater to the unique needs of everyone who plan on attending the event/festival. 

Hero Section 
Two columns and a lot of information. Lacking in today's design is a no bullsh*t way of thinking. I wanted to give users the information they were looking for upfront, and without a CTA. The left column is an animated slider that scrolls vertically and showcases the performers. Where "WYNNE" is located could be an infinite loop of artist names, or the event date — it's up to you. 
Solutions to Challenges/Pain Points 
The limited diversity in lineups hasn’t sat right with us for awhile. So, we did something about it. This concept event is a call to event organizers asking to create the connection that humans are craving for right now. Hip-hop lyrics continue to carry us through mundane daily life, and comedy reels online create moments of euphoria. When collaboration between the two is done correctly, there are fewer worlds that combine so effortlessly. 

About Us 
The "About Us" section was inpsired by a European magazine layout. It's minimal, sophisticated, and modern. 

The color "Cinnabar" is vibrant and "deadass cool" as the kids say these days. It was chosen for primary headers, and CTAs to keep the design simple and consistent. The "left" and "right" arrows flip over to their album, or upcoming show/tour date to help the performer promote their ventures. 

A Celebration 
"A Celebration of Realness" is a CTA to the humans showing up who don't plan on being themselves and loving every minute of the festival. All this celebration calls for is authenticity. If you want to be a New England Patriots or Ja Rule fan — that's on you. 
Day Access 
Day passes are promoted to increase revenue, attendance, and chance for people to see their favorite live performers from two GOAT genres perform together live onstage. 

"Why work with us" is an information section dedicated to FAQs, and sponsorship opportunities. The more we show we care about our audience, the more sponsors notice, and the more sponsors notice — the more you can market your event and give the people what they want. It's a win-win-win scenario. 
Contact Form 
 "Never Miss A Beat" and a simplified contact form act as a way to gain popularity with the younger generation. All they're after is simplicity, and this project aims to give it to them. 
ADHD'd Creative Process
It looks messy, but it works. This is a glimpse into what my Figma boards look like for a small concept festival project. Microsoft OneNote is also bumpin' with info. But, you probably don't want to see that... do you? 
Rhythm & Flow Festival


Rhythm & Flow Festival