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Backwoods Sunset Country Music Festival

Welcome to the Backwoods 
The Backwoods Sunset Music Festival is a concept event and website UI design.

Emphasizing the 3-days, we give the audience what they want with the CTA "Explore Lineup" and showcasing it as often as possible to create excitement around the lineup. 

Excitement, curiosity, and discovery are the main emotions the project is looking to invoke.
My POV on the Project
As a prided music connoisseur of sorts, I jumped at the opportunity to explore my own music tastes and find 9 artists to create a concept country music festival around. I used ChatGPT to help me create themes and ideas around nuanced words, hence, the Backwoods Sunset. 

The theme: These 9 artists intertwining with each other over 3-days, and creating a country music festival experience like never before. 

Inspiration: The Up in Smoke Tour. 
"Beyond the Music" is a CTA that calls for a weekend of familiarity. I wanted the festival to feel comfortable, welcoming, modern, and a little badass. 

"Dive into the heart of country music" and "Roam the festival grounds" are calls to join the festival community, and express yourself. 
Sunset Guide 
The "Sunset Guide" was created for a simplified user experience, and overall event experience. The more questions we can nail off the board, the more objections raised ahead of time, the more people will put their guards down and allow us to market to them. Anticipate, never react. Visceral emotions trump traditional thinking sometimes.. 
Venue Information and Guides
Across my festival research, it was noticeable that not many event organizers put an emphasis on the venue, local information, or genuinely fun activities. So, we went H.A.M. on all three. Why not? 
Let me explain 
The section is a four column animated slider. The idea here is that the main questions of the event/festival and the ones that garner the most attention, go here. We want people to head to the FAQ section of the website because it lessens the burden of third party staff, employees, and your sanity. 
Oooh ahhhh 
A modern full section gallery is the rage in my creative e-yes, and easy to play around with once you get a complex grid involved. The goal here was "relaxed, and comfortable" so I cut down on the complexity. 
Don't stress.. it looks better nowadays.. 

Systems & processes > Initial design 
Backwoods Sunset Country Music Festival


Backwoods Sunset Country Music Festival