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    Flat-pack fold up micro gardens for limited urban living spaces
Micro self-hydrating gardens
Wick is a self nourishing micro garden. It is designed to allow people to easily grow a wide variety of plants in confined urban living spaces. The wick system uses capillary action to combine hydroponics with traditional soil growing methods. The combination of the two system helps to provide the plants with a wide variety of minerals and nutrients. It has been designed to be eco-friendly and is constructed from recycled plastic and cardboard.
Inspired by origami, the wick micro garden is made up of three die cut  folded polypropylene nets and a braided nylon wick that fasten together without adhesives. The two cube shaped nets fold up and slot together to form a water tight reservoir base that supports the soil net. The Third net creates an inverted pyramid to hold the soil and braided nylon wick. The wick hangs down into the reservoir and through the natural phenomenon of capillary action draws the liquid up into the soil where the nutrients can be utilised by the plant.
Wick makes growing and sustaining plants indoors easy. It is designed to sit on a windowsill or kitchen bench. The aim is to allow people with little or no outdoor living space to still be able to grow a wide range of both edible and decorative plants. Despite the wick gardens small size it is able to support larger plants then a traditional pot of the same size. The use of a reservoir means it only needs refilling once every four to five days and the combination of hydroponics and soil releases complex minerals and nutrients for the plants to absorb. This release of complex minerals promotes heathier, tastier and more vibrant plant growth.
The material choice and simple form is designed to complement and not intrude on the natural beauty of the users chosen plant.