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    This shoulder has designed for an online competition award.
This shoulder belongs to Turkey’s king of melodrama, Umit Besen. When you are stressed or suffering the troubles of daily life, you now have a reassuringshoulder to cry on. A life-size, portable mold of the shoulder of the man who lived a nation’s dramas and  turned them into songs. 
This pillow shoulder designed as a competition award. For the competition, we wanted people to share their complaints and life dramas in a more open, social way, via Rondo ( Well-known buscuit brand in Turkey) website. Whatever their problems or concerns everyone was encouraged to share their troubles and to explain why they were most in need of some Rondo consolation.
We decided that “a shoulder to cry on” would be the best award for entrants to this forum and the novelty  prizes for those with the most amusing or deserving problems the chance to win “Umit Besen’s Shoulder”own shoulder to cry on. These shoulders were on-to-one life size foam copies of the original.


Role: Art Director

Agency: DDB, Istanbul
Copy writer: Hakan Bicakci
Client: Rondo