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Physical / Digital NFT Art Collection

Blockchain-verified collectable concept
This project never reached fruition. Conceived at the beginning of the NFT craze, a mutual connection reached out to me about the possibility of working on a digital art project with Queen's very own Brian May. I dedicated  almost 6 months on this project only to have this project cancelled before it could reach fruition.

Since there was no business agreement in place and this project will not continue, I decided to add it to my portfolio. 
The branding crafted for this project is elegant and strong, much like the music for which it represents. I added a touch of gold to give it a premium feel and tinted all of the photography to match.
The concept was based around the legacy of Brian May. As with all of my projects, I started by researching this world. I learned everything that I could about classic guitars and the music played on them. 

As a rock titan of the band Queen, there is a wealth of information available about Dr. May. I read everything that I could get my hands on and discovered music that was perviously unknown to me. It was an education.
As a digital artist, the opportunity to carve my name into the blockchain with Brian May was too much of an opportunity to overlook. I built a series of 3 one of a kind guitars. Each based on the Red Special, his signature instrument. I used a combination of hand drawn images, astrological charts and secret hidden images that would only be known to Brian May and Myself.

Each of these guitars had a one of a kind digital version minted as an NFT to capture the provenance and uniqueness of each. I spent weeks on these 3 artworks just on the off chance of collaborating with a musical (and scientific) genius. The details of the art were fuelled with a constant soundtrack of wailing guitar riffs. *Compliments of Brian May. 
The intention was always to auction off this collection at Christie's in New York. Then chart the globe. The show was designed to feature real guitars alongside digitally projected guitars in Samsung digital frames. 
Help me Obi-wan Kenobi, this is truly dope
To promote the event, several Proto Hologram projectors would be strategically positioned throughout NYC. Drawing attention to the show and the craftsmanship. 
Because these projectors are able to broadcast, Brian May would be able to interact with fans all over the world from the comfort of a local UK studio.
I felt compelled to share this project in my portfolio. It shows the lengths that I have gone to articulate an idea for the purpose of bringing it to fruition. Not every idea hits the mark. In many cases, it's a matter of timing. The timing here, was simply off.

- what could have been.
Physical / Digital NFT Art Collection

Physical / Digital NFT Art Collection