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Smart Tracking Hanger Devices for reducing clothing waste

APPAREL CORRECTION® is a smart clothing tracking device that enables users to easily identify their clothes, activating the used clothing trade and reducing apparel waste. Through artificial intelligence using NIR sensors, it automatically identifies the frequency of wearing and preferences of clothes, recommends used clothes that suit the user's taste, and suggests the value of clothing circulation by inducing users to sell their less preferred clothes to others.

The trend of fast fashion has led to an estimated 92 million tons of global clothing waste per year, which accounts for about 10% of global carbon emissions. It's also estimated that wardrobes are filled with 30% unworn clothing and most garments are worn on average less than 14 times before being discarded.

This means that the fashion industry as a whole is overproducing and over consuming, resulting in more carbon emissions and water use. This inefficiency in our personal sartorial lives is related to environmental problems, so there is a need for a service that converts individual clothing use to an efficient and environmentally friendly one.

APPAREL CORRECTION® is a smart tracking devices that allows you to see how often you wear your clothes and suggests outfits at a glance through an app to help you dress more efficiently. Furthermore, it allows users to return unworn clothing and exchange it for clothing that fits their style, extending the life of individual garments and reducing carbon emissions and water consumption.

NIR Sensor to find out fabric.

The built-in NIR (Near Infrared) sensor can automatically recognize fabrics using artificial intelligence, so it knows what you're wearing just by hanging it on a hanger.

With a dedicated app, you can keep track of the clothes you own, see how often you wear them, and sell them or buy clothes with similar tastes. You can also return clothes you no longer wear and exchange them for clothes that match your taste, extending the life of your clothes and reducing carbon emissions and water consumption.

When you click the button to find a specific piece of clothing in the app, the hanger will make a sound to help you find it. This is an additional feature of the app that helps you spend less time searching for clothes in your closet. 

Smart Hanger

Smart Hanger is softened at the shoulders to prevent stretching, so you can keep your shirts, t-shirts, etc. on them for longer.

NIR Sensor of Smart Hanger

Shared module parts extend the lifecycle of the product, avoid unnecessary use of resources, and promote environmentally friendly manufacturing.


Smart Pants Hanger

Smart Pants Hanger is a great way to keep pants that need a hanger, such as dress pants.

NIR Sensor of Smart Pants Hanger

Smart Clip

A device that can be used to fold and store clothes.
In addition to apparel, it can be used for various fashion items such as mufflers and shoes.


NIR Sensor of Smart Clip


The magnetic charger allows you to conveniently charge it while it's on a hanger. 
Magnetic charger can charge main module and Smart Clip.

The goal of minimizing the negative impact of environmental pollution on the planet extends beyond our services to our products. Recyclable and eco-friendly aluminum metal and TPU rubber materials are one step towards a more sustainable everyday life.
In addition, by extending the life cycle of our products, we aim to avoid unnecessary use of resources and promote eco-friendly manufacturing.


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Apparel Correction®

Apparel Correction®

APPAREL CORRECTION® is a smart clothing tracking device that enables users to easily identify their clothes, activating the used clothing trade a Read More