HE'S A FRAUD.Every last greenish-grayish inch of him, down to the mildly perturbed look on his face (what, did somebody bogart his ray gun?). He's gotta be. Just do the astro-arithmetic. Our galaxy spans 100,000 light-years from one edge to the other. So how, on this perfectly prodigious canvas, can we paint such a universal -- and let's just say it, unfortunately-looking -- picture of an alien? Nope, extraterrestrialy speaking, we ain't seen nothing yet. And the face of your world, and our peaked little friend here, is about to change forever. Questions Answered. Answers Questioned. 
SO A BIOLOGIST, A PALEONTOLOGIST, AN ASTROPHYSICIST AND A CHEMIST WALK INTO A BAR...Bartender says, "how did the universe begin?" As you might expect, chaos ensues. And aside from a few bruised egos and broken eyeglasses, the only things they can agree on are: a) it was pretty big; and b) it involved some sort of bang. (Insert cosmic rimshot here.) Fact is, each of these disciplines have long promoted their own ideas about the origins of our universe -- they just never had a forum big enough to hold their vast, exceedingly contradictory opinions. Until now. Questions Answered. Answers Questioned.
THE PALEOZOIC 15 MINUTES OF FAME.A blip. A hiccup. In the grand scheme that is our 20 billion year history, that's about as long as dinosaurs lasted. So why the endless fascination? Honestly. What about the gastropods? They had a heckuva run, and to this day not a single theme park in their honor. Isn't it high-time we celebrated the 8 billion years on either side of this Jurassic farce? Tune in. All of your ancestors without a name ending in 'saurus are about to have their moment in the algae tinted sun. Questions Answered. Answers Questioned. 
In addition to theads above, we created a grassroots campaign to get the word out aboutNOVA Origins. Since this show was all about the beginning of the world, we flipped the apocalyptic script.