Carr's crackers is a renown cracker brand based in England. This iconic product was subjected to a re-branding project in which one had to consider a whole image overhaul, that included introducing a new cracker shape. The Royal seal of approval in this particular case it's a very important feature for validating the quality of the product. Henceforth this graphic was finished with silver foil applications, as well as light embossing. This technique was applied as well to the cracker flavor typography as well as the main logo. Nutritional facts as well as a story about the iconic brand was to be introduced as well.
The shape of the box came about through the idea of ships or sail boats, a theme was has always been present in English history. I wanted to pay homage to both the history and the graphic quality of the flag as well as its naval history. The shape of the cracker was also derived loosely from the shape of british naval crests.
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