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Video Mapping : La Légende d'Harmonia, Lausanne

VIDEO MAPPING — La Légende d'Harmonia, Lausanne
Animation and illustrations illuminate in harmony to triumph over darkness.
Heart and dedication infuse every step of our pre-production journey—research, moodboards, and animatic scripting. This meticulous process forms the soulful foundation in our projects
In the realm of immersive shows, our project achieves a unique equilibrium, blending Caroline Villien's handcrafted illustrations and traditional animation with an authenticity that stands out in the era of generative AI.
Animating characters posed a challenge, especially with the golem, requiring meticulous modeling, body part reshaping, Substance Painter texturing, and intricate rigging for lifelike movement.
With real-time tools like Embergen, we effortlessly integrate dynamic elements—fire, water, destruction—ensuring a smooth production process, breaking traditional constraints.
From detailed photogrammetry in pre-production, crafting precise models, to Unreal Engine simulations, our process concludes with tailored delivery files for flawless on-site technical execution.
Directed by Lumen Creations & crafted in 5 weeks by the versatile duo Caroline VILLIEN and Grégory VILLIEN.
Lead Project
Nicolas Hesslein

Artistic Direction & Animations

Concept Art, Illustrations & Traditionnal Animation
Caroline VILLIEN

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Video Mapping : La Légende d'Harmonia, Lausanne

Video Mapping : La Légende d'Harmonia, Lausanne