ViewSonic|IFP105 Creative Direction

3D Motion
After Effects

ViewSonic|IFP105S Creative Direction

Using various environmental spaces to showcase a meeting room designed around the concept of multitasking collaboration, and then employing vibrant dynamic designs to demonstrate the multitasking capabilities of the IFP105S, illustrates how to enhance productivity and make team collaboration more efficient. Whether face-to-face or online, individuals here can effortlessly and smoothly collaborate.

Create a uniquely spacious conference area with comfortable furniture tailored for work-related activities. Utilize textures predominantly featuring wood grain, cement, and metal, complemented by a color palette with lower saturation.
Motion Design & Styleframe

Process & Development​​​​​​​

Key Visual

Client | ViewSonic
Presented by COMPUTERFACE​
Produced by MULTI
Director | Kai
Project Manager | Stan
3D Artist | YG3M, Luruu, Ling, JianLin
Key Visual|Ling
Music|Code Yan


ViewSonic|IFP105 Creative Direction