The Creative Point
Outdoor Area

The Creative Point is a youth centre that focuses on providing facilities to the creative young people of Dublin. The centre’s activities arespecifically aimed at secondary school students who are passionate about music,art, design and crafts. The Creative Point is a safe, positive place to be.Place to make friends, develop interests and gain skills.

The ability to enjoy sun and fresh air greatly improves thesense of wellbeing of the building’s occupants. However, the changeable Irishclimate often prevents inhabitants to take full advantage of external urbanareas. The external shelters have been designed to allow the building users toenjoy the view over the Grand Canal regardlessof the weather. These fibreglass constructions not only protect from rain, windand  sun, but also serve a function ofwater collectors for the rain harvesting system which supplies water to thetoilet cisterns. What is more, the characteristic shapes stand out against thecityscape and become a part of the Creative Point’s  branding.
Concept Sketch
Site Plan
Plan View
A-A Section
Night view from across the Grand Canal
Bird's eye view
View from the canal