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KARASUMI 吉利號烏魚子/品牌

KARASUMI 吉利號烏魚子 / 品牌


In this rebranding of the four-generation legacy of Karasumi, the main color theme is orange, creating a warm and natural atmosphere that symbolizes the golden light of the sunset on the sea where the mullet fish gather. The packaging adopts an intricate design to showcase the ecology of Karasumi, using delicate lines to outline the silhouette of wild mullet fish and highlighting the meticulous craftsmanship of traditional techniques.
The brand logo presents the character "吉" (KARASU) in a fluid and simple manner, exuding a sense of history and nobility. The product labels incorporate rich Taiwanese elements, including the addition of sea wave motifs, emphasizing the origin of Karasumi and its traditional production methods. The overall visual style blends tradition and modernity, breaking away from outdated images and presenting Karasumi as a contemporary gourmet delicacy. This visual design not only reflects the high quality of the product but also emphasizes the brand's cultural heritage and reverence for traditional craftsmanship.

Branding  2023

Creative Director|Wang Chia Ying
Art Director|Lin Chieh Hui
Designer|Wang Chia Ying,Liou Shih Hua
Photo| wu2
KARASUMI 吉利號烏魚子/品牌


KARASUMI 吉利號烏魚子/品牌