The " If " Telephone Booth|Interactive Installation Art
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    2014 ━ The " If " Telephone Booth Illustration / Interactive Installation / Digital Art
如果電話亭 |The " If " Telephone Booth

Illustration / Interactive Installation / Digital Art 

獲獎 ━ 2014  第15屆磺溪美展 數位藝術類 優選獎
             2014  放視大賞 跨領域類 入圍

展覽 ━ 2014  溪美 
             2014  放視大賞
             2014  新一代設計展
             2014  A+創意季
媒體報導  ━  Yahoo!奇摩新聞 & 聯合新聞網 & 中央社CNA 
創作理念 ━ 

「如果這是你人生中最後一通電話,你最想打給誰? 你能勇敢說出你的愛嗎? 」


" If this was the last phone call of your life, who would you want to call ? 
Could you express your feelings without fear ? "

As we grow older, love seems to have become harder and harder to say out loud.
Therefore, we used this inspirational interactive recording device to record the love that people don’t dare to say face to face and send it to who it was meant for, so people could take this opportunity to express love, gratitude and yearning.
「愛,就大聲說出來,因為你永遠不會知道,明天和意外,哪個會先來 ! 」


“ If you love someone, say it out loud, because you never know
if one’s last breath will precede the next sunrise! ”

We integrated the hypothetical concept of “if” with the interactive recording device of a phone booth, 
and let users be moved from the five senses to the bottom of their hearts by the foreshadowing of the animation and touching advertisement, so they could give shout-outs of love and yearning to their family, partners or the deceased. 
故事角色設計Character Setting    
三個錄音互動關卡  ━ 
#  親情 Family Love  
撥號 0594184 (諧音寓意 : 你我就是一輩子) 開始遊戲。
#  愛情 Romantic Love
撥號 20475 (諧音寓意 : 愛你是幸福) 開始遊戲。

The images of the tape-recorded animation mainly consists of the moon, which symbolizes the saying
“When there is full blossom and full moon, people fully unite.
As the record is running, the moon will also blossom like a flower, and gradually transform into a full moon. Finally, when the user has completed their shout-out, they could use postcards or email to send the voice file to whom it was meant for, which conveys our project concept “love should be said out loud”.
#  回憶 Recall
撥號 5460 (諧音寓意 : 我想念你) 開始遊戲。
錄音互動裝置 ━ 

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Department of Digital Media Design
2014 Graduation Exhibition

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