PHR Brewery 
Redefining Green Beer
Gravity Fed Microbrewery - Chicago, IL
Done in Collaboration with Matthew J Friesz
The intent of this project was to develop a building within a 67’ x 19’ plot of land on the edge of the Printing House Row district in Downtown Chicago, IL. This unusual sized site is the remainder of a pervious building that was torn down to allow for the expansion of West Congress Parkway. It sits adjacent to the Harold Washington Library.  This facility is a commercial building housing a gravity fed microbrewery and tasting lounge for the general public and local businesses.
View from Across West Congress Parkway
Entry Level Plan
Figure Ground Map of the Surrounding Area in Chicago, IL
Entry & Gift Shop 
Massing Digital Model & Company Logo (created for the project)
"Taste" Bar & Lounge 
Wind Turbine Detail & Brewery Night Shot
View from S. Dearborn St. - Looking North
Presentation Boards