Some of my art from the Zynga games I've worked on.
Loading Screen. I was responsible for the foliage/characters and the animation.

Some of the characters I designed. Unfortunately, I was required to stick pretty close to the bobble head character style set down by Yoville and Farmville at the time.
Another character sheet. Fanny Wildcat (school marm) and Humble Bob (salesman) were done by my co-workers Helen Zhang and Andrej Bevec.
Crazy fox concept
Random decoration items I made.
Frontierville Halloween 2010 promotion. I was responsible for making the avatar costumes.
Bear cart and animation. I sized this up, so it would be large enough to see. Unfortunately the cart was a raster image, so it got distorted a bit.

Meal icons
The Yukon territory.
Facebook wall feed art
Tombstones in 3DS Max