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Liri — Mid-Season

Make It Enjoyable!

In the season shoot of the Liri brand, which took place in a closed space illuminated by powerful flashes, the brand aimed to create a distinctive atmosphere. In this shoot, we aimed to establish a luxurious atmosphere with a touch of sexiness and femininity.

Reflecting a party atmosphere, we created a simple yet impactful sense of luxury without delving into excessive production. The powerful flashes and the dark tones of the indoor setting combined with the brand's strong identity to create an unforgettable visual story. Emphasizing femininity and elegance, this shoot successfully conveyed the brand's unique and impressive style to the audience. This season, the Liri brand is ready to enchant viewers by offering an elegant and striking experience.

Art Direction: Faruk Yılmaz — Photographer: Ozan Mutlu Dursun — Styling: Sevcan Zümrütbel — Model: Olga Kapitsina — Make Up Artist: Azra Yıldırım — Special Thanks: Momo Bebeköy
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Liri — Mid-Season