Interstellar Dawn-Patrol
a song for the pioneers of interstellar surfing
When I snapped a photo of two surfers suiting up on the beach it looked to me as though they were astronauts suiting up for flight, adrenaline pumping through their bodies in anticipation of what lies before them. The same feeling was coming over me because I had found a story to tell.

To a surfer, riding a wave can feel like a truly celestial experience. One wave and you're floating weightless, teetering on the brink of orbit. Another and you're being swallowed by a black hole and getting spit out at the speed of light. It's this range of feelings that I want to convey, and I'm striving to find a way to do it differently than the other surf photographers out there.

Finally, a huge thanks to NASA for the mind-bendingly beautiful images of the cosmos that provided me the setting for these images.
...this project is a work in progress. I'm currently in the process of printing a selection of the images above on a high-quality metallic paper. I'm also looking for new opportunities to photograph talented longboarders surfing these local breaks.

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