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Art of Gifting - Bia Saigon

Art of Gifting

With the idea to turn the Bia Saigon Gold and dragon sign into a luxury gift for Tết. We Elevate the Art of Gifting with BSG through this photoshoot

Making of BSG Gold Photoshoot
Agency: Ogilvy 
PH: Dream Media 
Starring: anh Quang Đại & chị Võ Hoàng Yến
Photographer: Minh Mi Goi
Retouch: MMG 
Product retouch: Chi Le 
Lighting: Tuan Nguyen 
Assistant: Vu Le Quang Truong
Stylist Trang Phục Võ Hoàng Yến: Trần Đạt, Nghị Nhật Minh
Stylist Trang phục Quang Đại: chị Trang Nhe Nhang
MUA: anh Quân Nguyễn
Hairstyle: anh Pu Lê
Studio: Saint 6
Art of Gifting - Bia Saigon