Marketing an Engineering Project
Web Design // Custom Binder Design // Renderings // Illustrations
Sticker graphic that was 3M paper that was adhered to the sides of the plastic suitcases into which the binders were placed.
Showing the reflective gold foil stamping on the front, spine, and back of the binders (as shown on the left). It also shows the train "gimmick" on the bridge on the 11x17 binder going past the edge of the binder.
Close-up of the gold foil stamping on matte lithograph paper on the custom binders.
Showing the reflective gold foil stamping as well as both "gimmicks", one from an 8.5x11 binder (to the left) and one from the 11x17 (one with the train going off the edge).
Inside of one of the binders showcasing the liner and the design of the "car gimmick" that goes across the black track so that it looks like its going over the bridge
Initial website splash page
Final webpage