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    Case Film for Social Media Campaign
Deutchland findet euch
- The Campaign -

The Brief:

Every year in Germany, more than 100,000 children and young people are reported missing. So, on behalf of “Initiative Vermisste Kinder” (Missing Children’s Initiative), an unique campaign was launched and designed to track them down: Deutschland findet euch (Germany will find you). The brief was to quickly establish the Facebook page as a high-profile cause. For this, an initiative was started with focus on people living in the Germany/Austria/Switzerland region.

The Implementation:

At the football match FC Bayern Munich versus Real Madrid, Bayern captain Mark van Bommel entered the playing field without a child mascot holding his hand to accompany him. Instead, the Munich player was carrying a poster with a photo of the missing girl Debbie and a reference to the website www.deutschland-findet-euch.de.

The Results:

Broadcasted live in over 40 countries, the kick-off put the fate of missing children at the forefront of public attention nationwide for the very first time. The game was watched by 15 million TV viewers, followed by more than 40,000 new Facebook fans recruited. There were uncountable reports in numerous print and online media, including all main TV channels. Today, over 100,000 Facebook fans are currently participating via “Deutschland findet Euch”. • 15,000,000 Euro Media coverage. • 40,000 new Facebook fans in one week. • A total global exposure of 55,000,000. • 69,000 viewers in the stadium. • 15,000,000 TV viewers worldwide.

The Explaination:

Without any budget, the intent was to get as much attention as possible. So, the famous football match between two of the world’s best football teams: FC Bayern Munich versus Real Madrid was used. The game was also realised in honour to football legend Franz Beckenbauer. The perfect stage to spread our message. The media had already been informed in advance and sports reporter Béla Réthy informed viewers live in 40 countries about the “Deutschland findet Euch” campaign.

from :  www.creativeguerrillamarketing.com/

Campaign Credits :

Advertising Agency: Kempertrautmann, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director / Account Manager: Marcell Francke
Creative Director/Account Manager/Programming: Patrick Matthiensen
Art Director/Graphic Designer: Leif Johannsen
Copywriter: Sebastian Merget
Graphic Designer: Bruno Luglio
Account Managers: Carolin Panier, Biljana Retzlik
Production: Alexander Kate / cmp
Involved Agency: fischerappelt

Awards : 

 - 1x Gold Media Lions
- 2x Silver Promo Lions
- 1x Bronze Direct Lions
- 1x Bronze Outdoor Lions
- Gran Prix for good shortlist
- 1x Gold clio / Strategic communications
- 1 D&AD in book / Integrated & Marketing effectiveness
- 2x Silver and 3x Bronze at the ADC Germany
- 2x Bronze New York Festivals

Case Film - Deutchland findet euch


Runtime : 3:04 mins
Color : Color
Language : English
Aspect Ratio :  1 : 1,78  ( 16 :9 )
Case Film - Deutchland findet euch
Director´s Cut

CAMPAIGN CASE FILM  - Director´s Cut
Runtime : 2:53 mins
Color : Color
Language : German
Aspect Ratio :  1 : 1,78  ( 16 :9 )
 Case Film Credits :

Client : Kempertrautmann
, Hamburg Germany
Production : NHB GmbH
Producer : Christoph Liebsch

Creative Direction : Vitor Hugo Aguiar (inhouse) / Marcell Francke (Client)
Animation Direction : Vitor Hugo Aguiar
Art Direction : Vitor Hugo Aguiar (inhouse) / Bruno Luglio (Client)

Design : Vitor Hugo Aguiar, Timo Frank, Lennert Schradder (inhouse) / Bruno Luglio, Leif Johannsen (Client)
Animation : Ruben Riegemar, Lennert Schradder, Lars Jüdstinger, Christoph Gemeinhozer
3D : Jan Niemeier, Florian Breg, Markus Penzien
Compositing : Michael Skoz
Coloring : Mike Friedland
Sound Design : Kai Beisner, Markus Roseneck

Special Thanks:
Thomas Möller Illustration : Andreas Preis

Artwork - Bruno Luglio  /  Compositing - Christoph  Gemeinhozer
Design / Animation - Ruben Riegamer
3D - Jan Niemeier
3D - Lennert Schradder