"Hasharon" Project
 Is an architecture project in a place called "Kfar Yona". Also known as "Habait Basharon", meaning "Home in the Sharon",
The market of new apartments projects is very competitive now in Israel, and I thought of a way to make this specific one stand out.
The Idea behind "Habait Basharon" is the feeling of nostalgy, the feeling that you are already home.
It combines inside the history of the family who owns the project, with old pictures and letters, layered with vintage objects, children's drawings and nostalgic memories.
This style of architecture project hasn't been seen until now and definitely made it's special mark in the indestry. the catalouge was expencive to make so only 1000 copies were printed.

*This project was made while working in 2Brand studio.
  Year: 2010.
Catalogue printed.