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Contabiliza Express / Visual Identity


Contabiliza Express was designed to meet the accounting needs of small and medium-sized businesses, offering accounting services without the complexities associated with traditional practices. With a fully online and digital system, it provides convenience and ease in accounting processes.

Its purpose is to redefine the relationship between companies and accounting, making it an easy, fast, and transparent experience.


The visual identity of the company incorporates proprietary shapes from the logo symbol, which serve as the foundation to create a series of distinct visual elements characteristic of the brand. These elements are carefully aligned with vibrant colors, 3D icons, and images that reflect everyday life, resulting in a visual aesthetic that is both modern and relatable.

Furthermore, the choice of colors and specific selection of 3D icons aim to convey a sense of innovation and proximity, while the images focus on the human connection and the personalized approach in the services offered by the brand. This strategic combination of elements seeks not only to create a memorable visual identity but also to effectively convey the essence and values of the brand in a compelling and memorable manner.

Contabiliza Express / Visual Identity