NEW PROJECT 2014 sketch pad #5
Mash Savana sitting room, Sud Africa- Hong Kong-Inghilterra
collage © 2014 Annalisa Casini
Image Source  © 2014 Google, Street View
For this collage I traveled through three different states. 
The challenge of this study was to be able to tame a texture visually complex as the grass of the savannah, I created a pencil effect alternating cross weave grass with different levels of transparency, and to unite the uncut messy. 
In Hong Kong, I found a theme park with the fake animals; wonderful giraffe! When I entered, I felt I had to use his cloak as if it were a texture to mix with the grass, while in Cornwall UK, there was a garden with the dark green vegetation that I placed to the left to give contrast to the colors clear. 
The giraffe is so quiet and I have the impression of sitting on the hill, 
with an eye toward the horizon African

Per questo collage ho viaggiato attraverso tre diversi stati.
La sfida di questo studio consisteva nel riuscire a domare visivamente una texture complessa come quella dell'erba della Savana, ho creato un effetto matita incrociata alternando le tessere dell'erba con diversi livelli di trasparenza, e che si fondessero senza tagli disordinati.
Ad Hong Kong ho trovato un parco tematico con degli animali finti; meravigliosa la giraffa! Quando l’ho inserita, ho sentito che dovevo utilizzare il suo manto come fosse una texture da mescolare insieme all'erba, mentre in Cornovaglia UK, c'era un giardino con della vegetazione verde scuro che ho sistemato a sinistra per dare contrasto ai colori chiari.  
La giraffa è così tranquilla ed io ho l’impressione di essere seduta sulla collina, 
con lo sguardo verso l'orizzonte africano.

The images captured from Google Maps are copyright © Google and if third-party 
suppliers are mentioned each collage please ensure that the copyright © Google 
is clearly mentioned and also attribute the modified work to the digital artist Annalisa Casini.
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What's new in this new project? 
The study of open spaces around the world started in late 2013 and is still ongoing. It is compositional experiments on different elements compared to previous work. 

How different is this new trip from the previous? 
In previous trip made in the USA through Google Maps, creating collages had the intent to
produce an album of photographic memories on the trip. 
But now that I have gained a greater awareness of the photographic material provided
by Google Maps, and I feel the need to travel around the world and experience new challenges 
composition that determine the new subjects certainly a compelling new way. 

Why this new project is called Sketch Pad? 
I'm really enjoying it as I said to experiment with new subjects 
until now I have already produced 9 collages are always different, so I think 
that this new project can only be called notebooks of sketches, 
only that the collages are well defined, then I will like idea of creating a new book 
end this journey.
NEW PROJECT 2014 sketch pad #5

NEW PROJECT 2014 sketch pad #5

Why this new project is called Sketch Pad? I'm really enjoying it as I said to experiment with new subjects until now I have already produced 9 Read More

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