TT Norms® Pro


Introducing TT Norms® Pro, version 3.200! The updated font now supports more languages and boasts a larger character set. These implementations have made the typeface even more advanced and convenient. 

TT Norms® Pro is a functional geometric sans serif for aesthetic design choices and TypeType studio's bestseller. It has been a massive success since its release, and rightfully so! This stylish, elegant, and versatile font will become the full-fledged core of your collection. 

TT Norms® Pro is ideally suited for products in any domain: streaming services, banking, clothing brands, or the automotive industry. It's equally convenient to use in both web and printing. 

Now, the TT Norms® Pro typeface includes the most extensive font package, both in terms of font styles and character sets. The base version of TT Norms® Pro consists of 22 fully redesigned font styles and 4 additional subfamilies. Besides, this font boasts the most comprehensive language support in the TypeType collection. 

We've added the characters of extended Cyrillic and Latin writing systems to the updated TT Norms® Pro and configured the new languages support. The character set has become more extensive—we've added currency symbols with their minuscule version and minuscule mathematical symbols. 

The 3.200 version of TT Norms® Pro includes: 

- 44 roman font styles, 44 italics, and 2 variable fonts; 7 roman and 7 italic font styles in TT Norms® Pro Mono; 2 variable fonts: TT Norms® Pro Variable with three parameters of variation (weight, width, and slant) and TT Norms® Pro Mono Variable with weight and slope axes of variation; 
- 1993 characters in each font style, including an extended set of punctuation marks, symbols, and currencies; 
- 5 widths: TT Norms® Pro with classic proportions, monospaced TT Norms® Pro Mono, narrower-proportioned TT Norms® Pro Compact and TT Norms® Pro Condensed, and wider TT Norms® Pro Expanded; 
- 38 OpenType features, including a large number of ligatures, fractions, numerators, and denominators; 
- 17 stylistic sets; 
- 280+ languages support, counting in new symbols for French, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Uzbek, Abkhaz, and more; 
- Flawless kerning and manual TrueType hinting. 

TT Norms® Pro has already become the signature font of Intercom, Inc., Sartorius AG, CSN, CBSN, Shieldex, and many other global brands. 

Customization is available for TT Norms® Pro upon request—we adjust the font to suit your project. Learn more about customization options in the corresponding website section. 

In addition to the TT Norms® Pro, we've designed the TT Norms® Pro Serif typeface. These fonts complement each other perfectly, making an ideal typeface pair.

TT Norms® Pro