ultra custom guitar amp & speaker cabinet design
Heavy Magic Soulfilled Sound Machine
Commissioned Ultra Custom Guitar Amp
Heavy Magic- Will Cascio & Bob Epstein

Will Cascio of Heavy Magic, has partnered with Bob Epstein of Pan Galactic Sculpture to create a sublime combination of old world artistry and the latest high end amplifier technology.

The Heavy Magic prototype guitar amplifier and speaker Cabinet combo.

HM hand carved and cast solid silver and brass knobs
HM hand carved and cast solid bronze corners embelished with silver studs
gold mother of pearl inlays by a legendary artist
cabinets are made from a single extraordinary piece of highly figured African Bubinga, custom cut for continuous grain
sides are embellished solid brass Deco inlays
HM designed and powder coated grilles
Amp breezeway is solid African ebony
front speaker panel is crafted from 4 piece bookmatched curly maple
rear panels are hand crafted from bubinga and black walnut
solid silver and brass studs are hand carved and cast
custom engraved faceplate

All of the woods were hand selected for their their obvious beauty and exceptional tonal qualities. Hard maple and black walnut have long been admired for the clarity and brilliance of their tone. Bubinga is being selected for use in more musical instruments and fine cabinetry recently and is recognized as being, if anything, even harder than maple with a clear, warm tone.

The HMSSM #001 Commission was fitted with the client's preferred components of choice: Two-Rock Custom Signature Reverb v1™ head, and an Austin Speaker Works 12” 8 ohm "Alnico Elegante™" speaker.

ultra custom guitar amp & speaker cabinet design