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ONCO - Capsule House


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Editorial and Minimalist Approach: The core of Onco Inc.'s design philosophy is rooted in minimalism and an editorial aesthetic. This involves clean, uncluttered layouts with a focus on simplicity and functionality. The editorial aspect brings a sophisticated and refined touch, often seen in high-end magazines, where typography and space play a crucial role.

Circles in Motion and Connection Lines: A distinctive feature of their design is the use of circles in motion and lines of connection. These elements symbolize fluidity, movement, and interconnectivity, reflecting the dynamic nature of the modern world. The circles and lines are not just static designs but are incorporated in a way that suggests continuous motion and interaction.

Colorful and Vibrant: Breaking away from the stereotypical futuristic design palette of grey and monochrome, Onco Inc. opts for a more vibrant and colorful approach. This choice not only makes their design stand out but also infuses it with a sense of optimism and vitality, challenging the conventional notion that future-oriented design must be stark and colorless.

Challenging the "Punk and Grey" Future Design Concept: Onco Inc.'s design philosophy actively disputes the prevailing belief that future design trends will be dominated by punk and grey themes, characterized by a dystopian and industrial feel. Instead, they propose a future where design is approachable, lively, and full of color, indicating a more hopeful and engaging vision of what lies ahead.
Integrating Tradition with Modernity: While focusing on a futuristic vision, their design also pays homage to traditional Korean aesthetics, blending historical elements with contemporary design principles. This creates a unique fusion that respects cultural heritage while embracing modern innovation.


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ONCO - Capsule House

ONCO - Capsule House

ONCO INC. In the dynamic world of real estate, Tonco stands out with its innovative approach to housing. Our latest offering, the capsule homes, Read More