This project directing is KAZE PARK who is concept artist.
SSAMZIE that original korean  Is the meaning of  "pocket".
 GIL Is the meaning of  "street".
This Street is a culture area of Korea.
KAZE and White Horse
1000DAY - Horse of the Gentleman
1000DAY - Running Horse
1000DAY - Your country needs
1000DAY - Come on !!
Bogtae - Fire and horse
Bogtae - Wind and horse
Bogtae - Tree and horse
Bogtae - Water and horse
Bogtae - Rock and horse
Bogtae - Clouds and horse
Bogtae - Water and fire and horse
Bogtae - Nature and horse
GWAJA - Horse 1
GWAJA - Horse 2
GWAJA - Horse 3
GWAJA - Horse 4
GWAJA - Horse 5
08AM - Yellow run
08AM - Blue run
08AM - Red run
08AM - Running horse
08AM - Rainbow run
08AM - Running red
8AM - Running yellow
08AM - Running blue
Bogtae papertoy
1000DAY papertoy
This event for Communication with the public.
7 ARTIST : Kaze park, Bogtae, 1000day, Gwaja, 08am, Wiz, Cocobroccoli