Tweek Magazine Summer Special, 2031 AD
The Future of Hair
As a class project, students were tasked with creating a book to explore the future of a randomly assigned topic.
I was given hair.

I envisioned a future where genetic modification allows consumers to do wonderful (and frightening) things with their bodies. To serve this transgenic market, a lifestyle magazine called TWEEK has been created. In the summer of 2031, they devote an all-out special to hair.

TWEEK explores the ease with which Black women can now genetically straighten their hair, and how this has led to a 1970s-retro fashion revolution where all things curly, bushy and kinky suddenly become ultra fashionable among all races.

Streetmolding, where amateur gene splicers and back-alley street surgeons are giving the rebellious youth of Yokohama outrageous new looks — sometimes ending in tragedy.