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Curemint is one of the best financial management and procurement software in the Dental Industry.
Our challenge was to create a 3D video of a brand-new website and connect it all. So we started diving deep into brainstorming sessions with the​​​​​​​ Curemint team to make both a unique and fascinating visual and clear messaging and storytelling to make it more personal for every viewer.


One of our goals was to create a visual style that would stand out in the Dental industry 
and make a brand look fresh and user-friendly. Bringing a storytelling approach to both Health and Fintech Industries our team developed and created a story about structuring the dental spent and reducing costs.

Dashboards & Diagrams

Working with tech explainers, you can’t avoid the challenge of showing data, interface, and statistics most appealingly. Those elements are an essential part of Curemint’s software, so we needed a wise visual approach to display them nicely, and we balanced between 2D and 3D. When it’s a complex Kira + Atlas interface (which we redesigned in UX/UI), we keep it in 3D.

For Vega's frontal view, it wasn't necessary to show it in 3D, but by focusing on charts and diagrams, we preserved it minimalistically, using accent colors and turning it into 3D.

Characters concept

In the Unicorn, we're big fans of storytelling and the highest quality achievable with our least minor resources. We started with characters' creation, which is part of the client brand's ecosystem. Client's customers must find themselves in our animations — it helps to make a strong emotional connection with viewers. With Curemint, we got the characters approved almost on the first try.

The Unicorn is a boutique branding and animation agency, that transforms businesses 
into powerful brands with strong concepts, analytics and visuals.

Branding | 2D/ 3D Animation UI/UX Design ​​​​​​​Strategy/ Positioning

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CureMint Dental Finance