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    Brand development and packaging conceptuals for Halisi Organics.
Halisi Organics
Branding and packaging
Halisi Organics contracted me to come up with a brand identity for their new range of organic health and beauty products made from certified organic ingredients from Africa, including Shea butter cream, Baobao and Argan oils and Black African Soap.

Since most of these products have main ingredients which come from trees, after the initial exploration of logotypes (see bottom), they agreed to go with the double tree logo with the crossbar making an "H".

Here are the final package conceptuals.
Final logotype.
Above is the final conceptual for for the Shea Butter, in a glass jar with a wood tone lid. The package the jar is sold in is a paper cylinder with a wood lid with tassel.

Below is the African Black Soap. In the standalone package, the soap is wrapped in celaphane, with a sticker on it, in a peek window box, so that the logo shows 50/50, creating great visual contrast to catch the consumer's eyes. Also pictured is the soap in a gift incentive, a bamboo soap tray.
Above are the conceptuals for the oils, in lab-quality glass bottles, with inset carved wooden lids in reverse tones. Bottles are sold in paper tubes, with a sales info tag tied on with ribbon.

BELOW: Initial logotype explorations, plus conceptual packaging designed to give a feel for the logotypes insitu.