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    Personal food photography images. All work styled (and eaten) by the photographer. This work is for sale.
Playing With Food
This small (but expanding) series of images were made during quiet times in the studio. I try to give one day a week to experimenting with new lighting set ups and compositions. These are images where the sole purpose is to learn and push my skills a little. As a consequence they can take quite a bit of time to execute. But done once with good notes it becomes much faster the second time and I can offer it as a look to clients. The images in this folio are available for licence.
Floating Raspberries
Pears on Kitchen Table.

The soft shadow and dulled highlights evoke the feel of a platinum print.
Abstracted Bottle of Wine and Glass.

I love the graphic simplicity of this image.
Tomatoes on Studio Table

I lit this with a 1950s studio style lighting and tried to recreate the colour feel of the 1950s. I'm happy with the lighting but the feel of the 50's colour could be improved. So if anyone has a good recipe for Photoshop I'd be very grateful.