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    Logo and web design for consulting group Fishbird.

Fishbird is a small team of consultants working with organizations to realize and act on possibilities previously thought to be impossible.

The logo takes on representing the meaning behind the name Fishbird. Much like the fish that only knows the water and what is possible there and the bird that only knows what is so in the air, many of the groups that Fishbird works with operate from what they have discovered in the past including when it comes to imagining and going after a possible future. Fishbird works and coaches their clients to break through these self imposed boundaries to achieve the "impossible". So figuratively the fish becomes the bird and the bird becomes the fish.

The website attempts to illustrate the way Fishbird works. Fishbird is a framework working in the background allowing companies to achieve extraordinary results. Therefore the brand takes a quiet and minmilistic approach allowing the work they have done with their clients to take the form of stories with their own unique look and feel.