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Double-deckerRailWhale is a new kind of public transportation vehicle.Created for FastUrban Railway infrastructure, enablescomfortable and quick arrival to the most important places insubstantial agglomerations.  However, Whaleis not just a usual urbantrain.  Despiterelatively little  measurements, itoffers its passengers morethan 110 full-size seats. Not only its length iscomparable to an average tram,Whale fulfills its functions without anyproblems. He finds no difficultieswith using the old tram infrastructure in thecities, which are only planningto build the Fast Urban Railway.
Poweredby hybrid electric engines system and main I.C. Engine or compressedairengine. Used in tram infrastructure it is able to take the electric energyfromtraction, since it is equipped with pantographs.
Link to my portfolio website: www.grzegorz-rozwadowski.blogspot.com