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Civil Coffee

Different pieces of custom typography were designed for this anamorphic piece of packaging. The main Logotype, running across the top, becomes a texture over the opening system, making this coffee pack playful yet minimal. Civil's secondary graphic, the diamond, is blind-embossed over the pack, adding texture to the clean off-white substrate. On the labels, a custom font inspired by Sign-Painting in Mexico City was designed to add a subtle vernacular flair to each varietal. A red-drenched interior gives a warm welcome, contrasting the off-white outside. The custom gold foiled 'Calidad' diamond featured on the coffee pouch finishes the opening experience.  

Civil Coffee has been a staple of its community in Los Angeles, CA, founded by two Mexican brothers, Alan and Alex. Our design reflects Civil Coffee's personality — modern and vernacular — but also the Spanglish heart of the city of Los Angeles which inspired our design decisions.

Work by Lule
Client: Civil Coffee
Design: Abraham Lule
Photography: Chelsea Kyle
Civil Coffee