[ Project ]
Heartbeat from a Hollow Place

[ Awards ] 
Graphis New Talent Annual 2016
Type Director Club 62nd

[ Brief ]
This project required choosing a film director and designing a cohesive system of materials for his/her film festival. The project requires to find a common thread and develop an entire film festival around the same concept and visual style. Create several deliverables, including a catalog book, DVD packaging, poster, tickets, and products to promote the film festival. 

[ Approach ] 
I chose the director Sam Mendes. After watching several of his films, I figured out a common thread that connected his films. His films revolve around the stagnation and mediocrity infecting the spirit of family members — they must rise to the challenge. However, the outcome is uncertain and often tragic. Then, I created different scenes and his visual style to convey the woman who suffers empty and hopeless in her living standards.